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About Digibaby


In the past, expectant parents weren’t able to see their baby’s face until he or she was born & could only see black and white images of their unborn child through a traditional 2D Ultrasound. With our new 3D 4D HD Live Ultrasound imaging, we can let you see what your child looks like while they are still growing in the womb. With our State of Art Ultrasound machine, with increased resolution we can capture baby’s movements and personality in 3D/4D HD Live with remarkable clarity.
DigiBaby offers 3D 4D ultrasound for expecting parents. Create a bond with your unborn baby. Experience the joy of seeing your baby in live motion before birth Watch your baby grow, smile, yawn and blink with the latest technology.

There are few moments as memorable as seeing your unborn baby for the first time.

At DigiBaby, we create a “once in a lifetime” bonding experience in a relaxed atmosphere for expectant parents a wonderful bonding experience with their unborn child. We offer variety of services to enhance the value of your ultrasound experience.

How Heartbeat Bears Work?

Heartbeat Bears

We record your babies heartbeat during your ultrasound, to a cute heart shaped recorder module.

Then the heartbeat module with your babies heartbeat, goes into the heart beat bear of your choice.

Examples of some of our heartbeat bears are (Giraffe, Elephant, Bunny, Monkey, Husky, Pink & Blue Teddy Bears)