Are Covid-19 vaccines safe during pregnancy?

Being pregnant is an extraordinary moment for every woman and her family. Timely vaccinations are essential during pregnancy to reduce the results of sickness and untimely mishaps for both the mother and the developing foetus. Getting vaccinated during pregnancy is necessary for every woman to safeguard themselves from certain infections like tetanus, yellow fever, pertussis, and influenza.

Moreover, with the outbreak of COVID 19, being safe and protected is essential for all mothers-to-be. Also going through your pregnancy in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic might be stressful. Women during pregnancy have very weak immunity and thus, it might lead to severe impact if you get infected. Furthermore, pregnant ladies with COVID-19 are more prone to give preterm birth and might have an increased risk of other adverse pregnancy outcomes. Therefore, it becomes essential for every expecting mum to get vaccinated under COVID-19 vaccine program to avoid any kind of problems during the pregnancy phase. However, when the COVID-19 vaccination program started, many women were hesitant to accept the vaccine because they were concerned about their health and the growth of the baby inside the womb.

So, to answer all the doubts and queries of the people regarding COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy, Digibaby 3D/4D Ultrasound is here to provide the correct information.

High risk during pregnancy due to COVID 19

Covid-19 is dangerous for every individual. Especially, the women who got recently pregnant have higher chances of catching the covid virus. Due to the low immunity during pregnancy, women’s bodies get weak, and getting infected is common at that time. Pregnant ladies have a higher risk of being hospitalized for intensive care, including breathing support on a machine if they get infected due to COVID 19. Coronavirus also increases the risk of the premature birth of the baby before the start of the 37th week of pregnancy) and the babies are more likely to be admitted for proper neonatal intensive care. Women who are overweight, older, and have pre-existing medical conditions such as blood pressure and diabetes are more likely to get severely ill due to the COVID infection.

So, if you are conceiving your baby, you and everyone around you must take complete precautions to protect against the infection. Get in touch with your doctor if you have COVID symptoms or have contacted someone with COVID-19. You must go for your COVID test. If you are pregnant and have COVID 19, your treatment will be done to relieve its symptoms. You will be asked to get plenty of fluids, rest, and medications to reduce fever, relieve pain & coughing.

Is the COVID-19 Vaccine available for pregnant women?

The COVID-19 vaccines have authorization by the Food and Drug Administration and are recommended to all pregnant and lactating women and those trying to become pregnant. We suggest pregnant women talk to their respective doctors to discuss all the parameters about the Vaccine and their pregnancy. Covid-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and do not cause any risk to pregnant women or their unborn babies.

Is COVID-19 vaccination safe during pregnancy?

Yes, Covid-19 Vaccine is safe for all pregnant and breastfeeding women, and it can protect you from a severe illness during your crucial time. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that pregnant women are at high risk of getting infected from their surroundings, and thus, they should consider getting vaccinated. Covid Vaccine also helps in building antibodies in pregnant women that protect their babies. Moreover, being vaccinated means you are less likely to transmit the COVID virus to other people around you.

In August 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new data that stated current COVID 19 vaccines are safe during pregnancy. As the more contagious delta variant of the virus circulates, the risk of COVID-19 is higher for pregnant ladies. On 23rd August 2021, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccine (currently marketed as Comirnaty) to prevent COVID-19 disease. There is no evidence of the COVID vaccine causing fertility problems in pregnant women. But if you have any concerns regarding your pregnancy or the risks and benefits of the vaccine, you can consult your healthcare providers.

Essential facts about mRNA COVID vaccine during pregnancy

  1. This mRNA vaccine has been studied on the animals first, and it did not affect their fertility or cause any problem with their pregnancy.
  2. The mRNA vaccine does not contain any particles of the virus.
  3. The particles of mRNA used in the vaccine get eliminated by your body within a few hours or days. Thus, it does not reach or cross the placenta.
  4. The immunity generated from the COVID-19 vaccination crosses the placenta, and it helps keep your baby safe after birth.

Necessary Guidelines before getting COVID vaccination during pregnancy

  1. As mentioned above, FDA has given authorization for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA vaccine during pregnancy. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, then you need to discuss your condition with your healthcare provider from time to time.
  2. For women with ongoing health concerns, there should be a proper conversation between the patient and the clinical team to assist them with the right decisions regarding the use of vaccines.
  3. The WHO also states that there are no specific risks of the vaccine that might concern the pregnant woman’s health. Women at high risk of SARS-CoV-2 (such as health workers) or who have comorbidities (health conditions that may contribute to death) should get vaccinated in consultation with their health care provider.

Does the COVID-19 Vaccine increase the risk of miscarriage?

Miscarriages are common during pregnancies. People try to become extra cautious to prevent situations that might lead to miscarriages. Any serious health complications during pregnancy put the women at the risk of miscarriage or premature delivery. Premature or preterm delivery leads to several health risks for the baby. So, to prevent severe COVID disease in pregnancy is very important to protect the babies. 

Covid-19 Vaccine does not increase the risk of miscarriage during pregnancy. On the contrary, COVID infection does increase the risk of harming you and your baby. Vaccination decreases the risk of having a severe COVID illness.

Tips to prevent COVID infection among pregnant women from Digibaby 3D/4D Ultrasound

If you haven’t gone for your vaccine session, you should take extra precautions to reduce the risk of COVID infection. You should avoid getting in contact with people who are sick or have symptoms of COVID. Maintain at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and others. Moreover, you must avoid going to overcrowded places such as markets, malls, theatres, etc. Make sure you are always wearing a face mask. We recommend people wash their hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with a minimum 60% of alcohol.

You should focus on taking care of yourself and your baby. Consult your doctor frequently to discuss any health-related concerns. If you have trouble managing your stress or anxiety during pregnancy, talk it out with your healthcare provider or a mental health counsellor. They will help you with the right coping strategies during this critical time.

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