Fetal Doppler- Is it safe to use baby fetal doppler during pregnancy?

Fetal Doppler- Is it safe to use baby fetal doppler during pregnancy?

Being pregnant is an exciting and beautiful experience for a woman. The chance to hear the joyous sound of your baby’s heartbeat is truly a miraculous experience. Many parents become anxious and want to reassure that everything is fine with their baby’s growth during pregnancy. It is the major reasonwhy the use of baby fetal doppler is so popular these days. Baby fetal doppler is the test device that usessound waves to check a baby’s heartbeat while inside the mother’s womb. In this particular test, a handheld device is being used to detect changes in the baby’s movement inside the womb that is translated as sound.These fetal dopplers are becoming increasingly popular and exciting among parents nowadays because they are available for independent, at-home use. However, it is an effective device for testing the heartbeats of a baby only if it is used correctly by the trained professionals like your doctor. The main problem arises when untrained people at home try to use this fetal doppler. In such situations, it can give you a false sense of security or set off needless alarms. At times, you might get mistaken by not hearing any sound, which creates stress among people.Here in this blog, we will discuss the baby fetal doppler in detail and why ultrasounds are a much better technique for examining your baby’s growth.


What exactly is a baby fetal doppler, and how does it work?

The baby fetal doppler is a small handheld monitoring machine that helps detect and emit the sound of your baby’s heartbeat. It works like the ultrasound technology used by obstetricians and gynaecologists in hospitals. The baby doppler doesn’t produce the images of the baby; instead, it just picks up the sound waves of the heartbeats of a baby. This device is also available for home use, and thus, it can be referred to as pocket baby fetal dopplers. Hold the one end of the device in your hand where the controloptions are located, and the sound is emitted. The other end is generally attached which a cord (dopplerapparatus). This doppler is then placed onto the pregnant woman’s stomach and moved until the sound of the heartbeats is heard. Mostly, gels are used on the stomach beforehand for the easy and comfortable movement of the doppler. However, this baby doppler can pick up other sound waves inside your body, including your heartbeat along with your baby’s heartbeat. The fetal doppler sends the sound waves through your skin in search of any movement. And when any movement is being detected, the waves bounce back, forming a pattern that records and plays back as the results.The ultrasound machine with doctors uses higher frequency waves and makes more accurate and reliable results. The ultrasound machine used by the doctors is also capable of providing images, whereas the fetal doppler you use at home gives the sound results.

Is it safe to use baby dopplers at home?

If you are using the fetal heart dopplers with the help of a trained professional or a doctor, it is entirely safe. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned for the use of at-home fetal doppler monitoring devices mentioning that the trained operators or doctors should legally use them. Here are the reasons why you must not use baby dopplers at home –

  • Lack of training– Gynecologists, obstetricians, and nurses are trained well before performing the doppler ultrasounds tests on pregnant women. They know the normal baby’s heartbeat sounds and can carefully diagnose the condition. But moms who use the fetal dopplers at home do not have any experience and training about the baby’s condition
  • Risk of wave overexposure– According to U.S Food & Drug Administration, the effects of extreme tissue heating and cavitation caused by the doppler tests are unknown to the general public. So, it is always suggested to take medical help from only the experts in this field. Mostly, people who use the fetal dopplers use them for too long, not knowing the harmful effects of long-term tissue heating
  • False sense of security– A home baby doppler might mislead the to-be-mothers. They might think that the baby is okay and thus, ignore the potential warning signs of a potential problem. For instance, the would-be mothers might just have heard their heartbeat instead of their child’s. So, to minimise such conditions, it is essential to consult a trained professional who can use the right equipment for the complete test.
  • Inaccurate results– The fetal dopplers you use at your home are less efficient than the ultrasound machines. Dopplers don’t give the exact results of the baby’s heartbeat because it doesn’t have the technical qualities compared to ultrasounds. Thus, fetal dopplers make the to-be-parents more anxious and nervous because of the incorrect results.

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